We have several events for our players, some include interaction and roleplay, others are made to satisfy your blood thirst be it with monsters or among other players.


Automatic PVM Invasion - Every 12 hours a city of felucca will be invaded by monsters, the players will have to annihilate all the monsters for the champion to appear, by killing the boss several rewards will be given to the heroes/villains (Watch out for PK’s)

Staff run PVM events, they will be created depending of the players online, as they can change the course of the history.

Staff run pvp events, can be boxing without your items, Gladiator Last Man Standing, Normal PVP without looting and others.

Jousting event where you must use armor and weapons delivered by the organizers in which you and your opponent must use the lance dismount ability on each other while mounting a horse, and by winning you will advance to the next stage until you become the champion and hold the title until the next event, enjoying certain privileges offered only to the champion.

Bomberman event, in which 2 or more players can activate without help from the Staff for fun, entering an arena that can be modified for several biomes, in which when clicking on an item in your bag, will place a bomb on the ground, which after a few seconds will explode, opening the way to the enemy player. By destroying the stones, you can pick up improvements for the player, such as adding additional bombs, bombs with higher power or blast by remote control. Some staff events will be made, containing unique and rare prizes.

Giant Chess Event, a event in which two players use a giant board with monsters instead of the normal pieces, the system is the same as the real one, just much more fun.

Skullball Event, which consists of a soccer stadium with a skull in the center, and each player will enter a team, and must take the skull to the opponent's goal, the skull cannot be placed inside the player’s backpack, when approaching the skull, it will move forward or sideways, simulating a football match and the judges will automatically count each goal. There will be events organized by the staff, in which unique prizes will be distributed to the participants.
More will be added frequently.