For thousands of years, a powerful succubus called Valda associated with battle, war and conflict, created weapons that could kill gods, these weapons were used in the Serrano wars.
During the war, the mighty knight Ladi fought and defeated Valda, this victory did not go as expected, for Ladi suffered a cut and was corrupted with the blood of demons, he was strong and full of faith but corruption took over his soul , making him a footman of darkness, Ladi hid in the depths of a dungeon, corrupting in the way diverse of his old allies, they improved these weapons that were called Harbingers.
The evil allies of Ladi took these weapons to every corner of the world, some adventurers claim to have seen these guardians in remote places, one of them named Anzu was seen wandering in the Wisp Dungeon in llshenar, another named Barduk, was seen conspirating with Lichs in Sorcerors Dungeon, in Terathan Keep Trammel another powerful guardian called Iba was seen killing adventurers, another guardian called Samael was seen in the dungeon of Hythloth Felluca conspiring the resumption of power for their leader along with the undead, and the last and most powerful of Ladi's allies, the guardian named Dullahan was seen wandering through the most populous dungeon of Malas. According to history, each guardian carries a weapon, which can be any type, these weapons have special properties that are only activated when used along with 100 of the most valuable gems, being diamonds, emeralds, rubies and other gems. After joining the weapon with the gems, it will become something unique, able to hurt the strongest monsters, some will suffer more than others because the weapon will get a random slayer that with luck will kill beings with few blows, these weapons can be improved with the spellcraft arts.


Good Chests

These chests are delivered by merchants over the sea of Britain, you find em on the ports over the cities in trammel, they appear at random times because the ships goes from different cities so its not the same time. They sell commodities in large amounts, it takes gold from backpack or the bank.



At the beginning of the world, some mysterious figures called the Varella order appeared offering powerful gifts and spells unknown to humans, especially kingdom craftsmen, thirsty for power, most accepted these gifts, thinking that they would conquer lands and riches, what they did not know was that they would be sacrificed for the creation of the known art called spellcrafting.

With their souls, powerful stones were created that could be attached to armor, weapons and jewelry, these mysterious figures then took these stones to remote places of the world, creating a book capable of retaining the power of stones, as well as the souls of their victims were created another stone, necessary for every attempt to create powerful artifacts. Some souls still resisted, causing damage to the user and in more extreme cases the explosion of the item.

Adventurers have been behind these figures and their powerful arts, rumors say they wander in places of Trammel, Felluca, llshenar, Malas, Tokuno, Eodon and Termur.

Spellcrafting jewels are needed to learn each new enhancement and can be dropped into the Spellcrafting book once acquired. Magic gems are used during the enhancement process. As innocent as the craft sounds, the Mages learned that the spellcrafting jewels themselves were the souls of former armorsmiths and weaponsmiths. Trapped forever inside the artifacts, never to be released, the craftsmen were forced to continue forging weapons and armor of terrible power.

In order to control the power behind spellcrafting, players must have a fair amount of skill in alchemy and inscription.

Weak minds can be killed and even lose their artifacts if they force their creations to an unacceptable limit.


Earrings and Necklaces

By default, earrings and necklaces are not supposed to be able to drop on monsters, we've changed that and now you can find marvelous new items to combine with your equips. 


Achievment System

This achievement system allows you to do several things within the game that can give you some rewards after completing them. at the moment we don't have many achievements, but new ones will be added over time, along with rewards.

achievments feats.png


Try our casino and try your luck at our gambling machines, there are several machines and prizes, as well as the best drinks served by the best waitresses in Moonglow.


Power Hour

Power Hour 2.png

Once a day you can activate the power hour, which means better loot and gold during this period, we will implement accelerated skill gains during that time.


Squire System

This system is for players to train a squire to help in the adventures around the world of Malazan, more information about the operation of the system can be seen in the book on the stone table where the system vendors are located.